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Our Process

We Produce Blends of Coffea Arabica

We export hand-pickedsun-dried beans, and slowly roasted 100% organic Arabica coffee from various regions of Ethiopia.

Toye Coffee is a premium coffee brand that represents coffee as crafted in the homes of Ethiopia, from farmers to our master roasters that entice our premium coffee beans we have our all-woman workforce presenting you the authentic coffee experience.

what we do

We Produce Unique Coffee Flavors

We export hand-picked, hand-washed, sun-dried beans, and slowly roasted 100% organic Arabica coffee from various regions of Ethiopia.

Selectively Sourced

Toye has the best coffee farms selected and partnered to produce high quality roasted and grind coffee.

Responsibly Processed

We process and pack responsibly. Our extensive process controls and eco-friendly packaging being the first of its kind in Ethiopia, help us honor this commitment.

Empowered Workforce

We take the highway to ensure our coffee beans are sourced with care and quality! Our partner farms are owned by women or have a workforce whose majority are women. We work with some of the most dedicated, green and conscientious coffee farmers in Ethiopia and ensure that our product is a result of responsible and deliberate processing, and refined into an experience!

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Events Schedule

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Oct, 2022

Excursion to the Processing Plant

New York October 4, 2022 08:00-October 9, 2022 17:00
Sep, 2022

How We Roast Our Aromatic Coffee

New York September 1, 2022 08:00-September 22, 2022 17:00
Oct, 2022

Lecture “Stages of Coffee Processing”

New York October 10, 2022 08:00-October 21, 2022 17:00
You’ll love it

We Produce Delicious Natural Coffee for You

Toye creates a special and unique opportunity for coffee lovers and professionals all over the world to create their own custom premium coffee

Amy Walker

I constantly buy coffee blends here and every time I am pleasantly surprised! I have never tasted such delicious coffee anywhere! It is incredibly delicious! I drink it with pleasure every morning! I don’t know how to start the day without coffee.

Amy Walker

Photographer, Pixel
Sandra Phillips

I recently ordered 100% Arabica for my coffee shop. All the regulars liked it. I like the subtle taste and sourness typical of Arabica. They also gave me a very good discount on the bulk purchase. Thank you, I will order from you again.

Sandra Phillips

Designer, Art Studio
Alise Morrison

I ordered a blend of Mexican coffee, I liked it very much, the taste is delicious, very invigorating in the morning. Now I start every day with the incredible coffee aroma that fills the kitchen. Will definitely order something again. Thanks!

Alise Morrison

CEO, Business Co.
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